We have been dealing with Chris Benge and Kapiti Print Media for a number of years and every job we send to them is handled with the highest level of professionalism, with them going above and beyond on numerous occasions. More often than not we have tight deadlines for receiving printing and KPM has always been able to deliver on, or often before, deadlines!. Chris’ eye for detail has helped correct many overlooked errors not only in copy but also in design/layout inconsistencies which is very reassuring when we are in a hurry to get a job out.

Jason Williamson
Creative Communications Manager

We are a small company which for more than 10 years has been producing consumer prescription medicine information leaflets (med+info) for distribution by pharmacies and hospitals in New Zealand and Australia.

When we moved from the Hutt Valley to the Kapiti Coast we needed someone to manage our promotional material such as brochures, web site, advertisements, promotional mailouts etc.

We worked through the yellow pages and suddenly struck gold: Kapiti Print Media Ltd. Right on our doorstep we found the best ever treasure, a focused team that can take an idea and make it work on budget and on time. They have proved to be easy folk to work with who listened and discussed our various projects at length with a casual relaxed style that translated into first class material.

Chris with his great strength in words and phrases sorted out what we needed and helped tremendously in developing a new promotional strategy that worked. Gail with her exciting and cool graphic design skills and Jorge with his mod web design skills built Chris’s words into really effective promotional material.

I can thoroughly recommend Chris and his team to anyone who needs that extra care and attention to detail in publishing and promotion that is so hard to find these days. In the hectic world of business it is just wonderful to find a team that can really make a difference to your business.

Ron Wilson
Pharmacist Director
Medicine Information Systems Ltd

I particularly appreciated the way you set out for me, on our first conversation, exactly the service you could offer from beginning to end. I can't tell you what a great relief that was, not just to know that a company could offer that service, but that somebody understood what was needed and portrayed such calm confidence that it was all possible within the time. I have also appreciated the way you have kept in touch throughout, been very clear about what you needed from me (which meant it was easy to meet expectations), set out all options at each point, and delivered everything on time at each point along the way. I felt that you listened to what we were hoping to achieve, as well as trying to meet our wishes when choices had to be made. Then again, you always let us know the implications of particular choices, which meant we were making informed decisions.

Dr Pamela Wood
Graduate School of Nursing and Midwifery
Victoria University of Wellington

Publishing a book for the international market with authors overseas and printers in China requires very competent people to co-ordinate all the technical and design elements that make a top quality publication.

I have personally overseen the publishing of a dozen books in the USA during the last decade and have only recently brought my publishing activities back to New Zealand.

Having dealt with Kapiti Print Media and Chris Benge in the late eighties my first port of call was again to Chris. Not only did his work exceed all my expectations, he also took on far more responsibility than I expected. When accuracy is essential and deadlines critical I cannot recommend Chris and Kapiti Print Media highly enough.

John McEwen
Ninox Publishing Ltd

Working with Chris Benge at Kapiti Print Media Ltd was such a pleasure. I had never before worked with someone who was so meticulous, literate and completely reliable. We were working on a new version of a reference book which had previously had three editorial proof-readers and one medical proof-reader. Chris discovered still more mistakes which had somehow eluded the other proof readers. His suggestions and queries were always pertinent. He was gracious and forgiving when I made errors. His grasp, not only of the complexity of the subject-matter but of the grammar, spelling and punctuation, was impressive. His design, layout and choice of typography was elegant. I would recommend his services to anyone wishing to produce world-class publications.

Carol Sinclair,
Author: The IBS Low-Starch Diet

What a great job you have done on the internet banner and panel advertisements for our clients. It was fantastic that you were able to do such creative work while keeping within our specifications, which we realise is not an easy task. Keep up the good work.

Maryann Wilkinson
PRRADS Manager

Kapiti Print Media is an excellent firm to deal with. They work hard to provide the best outcome for their client. Their business is based on valuing the client and in all their dealings they have the highest standards of integrity. At all stages of the task they work collaboratively with good communication. The staff are innovative, skilled, hardworking and determined to provide a service of the highest standard.

Joanna Leighton Jones
Office Manager

I have been employing the services of Kapiti Print Media since 1989. In that year, I inherited responsibility for a small magazine which was produced five times a year and circulated to some 6000 people. They were loose members of a voluntary organisation which relied heavily upon their interest for its operations and finances, and the newsletter was the primary vehicle for keeping them informed and for eliciting their donations: it was in our interests to have it well presented. As well, we found it necessary to produce it at minimum cost.

Kapiti Print Media served our interests outstandingly well. Chris Benge, its manager, read his way expertly into our needs and dealt with us with professionalism and sympathy, ensuring that his staff did likewise. In the eight years I remained with the organisation concerned I never seriously considered taking the magazine to anyone else, in spite of at least two other concerns actively canvassing me to do so and an annual requirement from my governing board to review all operations on which we spent money. I was then, and remain now, convinced that KPM were serving us as well as anyone could expect to be served. It is five years since I left that organisation, but I believe they are still using the services of Kapiti Print Media.

In the years since I have moved on, I have written two books and become the editor of a larger, monthly magazine. I went automatically to KPM to ask if they could meet my needs in each case, and they did so. We still work together on the magazine, and I remain delighted with the service I receive. I have seen a number of staff changes at KPM: the new people are well orientated to the ideals of the company and all have been a delight to work with. The enterprise is professional, personable, up to date and economical, and I have enjoyed my liaison with them.

Ken Edgecombe, MA (Hons), Wellington
writer, editor and teacher